Which is better: an apartment or an independent house?

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Are you planning to invest money in real estate? You can do so either by purchasing an apartment or getting yourself an independent house. At the end of the day, it boils down to your preferences. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Until a few years ago, people preferred to live in independent houses. Apartments were a rarity. But the pace at which population is growing and development is taking place, it is almost impossible for everyone to own an independent house. Today, if you take a look around, you will notice every block covered with apartments.

Today, the older parts of a city are covered with independent houses. On the other hand, developing areas are covered with apartments. The choice of selecting between the two can be confusing. To ease out the things, read the advantages and disadvantages of owning either thing.

Apartment Vs Independent house- Advantages and disadvantages

Community and socializing

Today, every apartment building have almost fifty to sixty flats. People get a chance to interact with their neighbours in the evening. Children get to play with other kids from the same age group. This increases the level of interaction between families living in different flats. Women form their social group and meet once a month to catch up with each other. Men form bonding with other men during gymming, playing sports, etc. Old people get a chance to drive away their loneliness by socializing with people from their generation. People living in different flats come together and form part of a large family that celebrates festivals, helps each other in desperate times, etc. On the other hand, people living in independent houses feel lonely at times. They do not socialize much with their neighbours. An independent house is good for someone who doesn’t get bored or enjoys his privacy.


Security has been a common problem for people in the 21st century. People living in independent houses do not feel safe in living their houses empty. They just can’t lock their houses and forget about it. And not everyone can afford a security guard. On the other hand, apartments are safe because no random person is granted access to the main door. Security guards are posted on all the entrance and exit doors. People need not worry about the security of their houses before leaving it empty. People can leave it locked for months. Moreover, due to the presence of around 7-8 flats on a floor, the risk of getting robbed is comparatively low.


Before making a move, you need to consider your budget. If you have budget constraints, an independent house may cost you a fortune in comparison to an apartment. Today, you can avail a well-furnished apartment in half the price of what you will end up paying for an independent house. Also, if you ever decide to switch cities, you can easily sell your apartment and move out. This flexibility is not available with independent houses. Selling an independent house is not easy.


People living in apartments do not get to enjoy the peace at times of the day. Because the flats are situated closely, voices from one flat travel to the next without too much filter. A person may find it difficult to concentrate on his work at such times. During the evening, children run around and become a source of the noise. It becomes difficult for people to enjoy a peaceful nap. Such problems do not occur in independent houses. A person living in an independent house can enjoy his peace at all times of the day. He can involve himself in any activity without having to worry about other people. Peace is a luxury that everyone wants to enjoy but only few can afford.

Extra space

Apartments have limited spaces, unlike independent houses that are spacious. Apartments have built-in closets, kitchen space, etc. This restricts an owner’s choice to add extra space to an apartment. He/she has to manage with whatever space is available with him/her. On the other hand, independent houses can be designed as per the wishes of the owner. If you go for an independent house, you can hire best builders in Calicut to redesign your house.

There are several other points that you should consider before making the final choice. These include maintenance charges, locality, availability of the desired house, etc. Once you have noted all the points and revisited them, you can make the final move.

A home is a place that’s going to be a major part of your life. You will make memories, invite people over to your house, spend your life between those walls unless you decide to shift. It should be chosen with utmost care and precaution. Not to forget that it also depends on your standard of living. Once you have made a decision, contact builders in Calicut. They will turn your dream house into a reality with their expertise. So, what are you waiting for? Decide now and pave the way for your dream house.

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