All You Need to Know About Bedroom Lighting Decor

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Your bedroom is your haven; a place you retire in, at the end of each day – a space where you can truly loosen up, sit back, laze and enjoy a few moments of calm and solitude before you fall into a deep slumber. The bedroom is also space where you spend the most time, and it merits some consideration when it comes to creating a soothing ambiance.

Lighting and ambiance have a close connection. The right kind of lighting can add magic to any space. And, proper lighting is imperative, when it comes to the bedroom. Home Interior designers in Kochi suggest that the lighting in this room should be distinctly different from the rest of the house. Lighting in the bedroom is best when it is kept subtle, with muted currents – you don’t want overly bright lights in the bedroom as they hinder sleep. Soft, warm lighting is ideal for the room.

Rather than having a single, central ceiling light that acts as a flood light and lights up the entire bedroom, consider several smaller lights at varying heights, across the room. Doing so gives a warm, mellow feel to the room, which is cozy and inviting.

Create lighting zones

Most often the bedroom doubles up for more than just a room where you sleep. If you have a large room, which you utilize for more than sleeping, then it’s best to create different lighting zones. Keep in mind the dimensions of your room because you don’t want it cluttered. Determine how the areas are to be utilized, example, a reading area or maybe a work area with a desk, the wardrobe and dressing area and maybe a sitting area for your morning tea and of course the bed.

Each of these areas will require a different kind of lighting. While the idea is to keep the lighting in the bedroom soft and subdued at all times, the lighting in specific areas should cater to the requirement of those areas.

The light in the dressing area should allow you to dress in ease, without issues. The desk or reading area should have lamps or reading lights and bedside lamps on bedside tables, for reading in bed.

Dos and don’ts of bedroom lighting

The lighting in the bedroom needs to be a combination of ambient and specific task lighting. The use of accent lighting to highlight specific features in the bedroom works well too. However, the lighting should be such that it doesn’t throw looming shadows and make the bedroom look spooky.

It is best to reach out to experts in the business when you are doing up your bedroom because they are the right people to give you viable suggestions keeping in mind all the above factors. The best interior designers in Kochi will be able to guide and provide lighting options after considering the size of the room, the accent areas, and your personal requirements.

Light bulbs and fixtures

Using fairy lights to accentuate one corner of the bedroom is quite a trend. It adds a little drama to the room and gives it a bright, cheerful feel. It is also inexpensive. But if you are looking for something more permanent and classier then false ceilings with distinctive patterns and LED lights is in style. You can play around with colors, materials, and textures to create a piece of art, as it were. Something that also looks attractive during the day when natural light is plentiful and at night when you switch on the lights.

Textured wall panels with concealed lights, built behind the bed is another way to add a new dimension to an otherwise staid bedroom. Such panels with concealed lighting can bring any bedroom alive. Use solid colored panels with warm light peeping through for a striking look.


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