6 best study abroad consultants in Kuwait

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Global education often seems to be more daunting but study abroad consultants can help you better. Your choice matters as you start your life-defining journey with the right career. You are the master in the world of education and the consultants are just the guide, support and mentor with the world-class experience. They hold the core of everything and they make global education affordable. Guide ambitious students to choose the Right Course, College & Country leading to a global career, without having to spend a fortune & worrying about their grades.

Study abroad consultants in Kuwait signify the beginning of the right course anywhere in the world. Holding the ethos of the word helps students to create a unique value and begin the career of their dreams. Choosing the right career is garnered at the end of the right consultants.


Apachia processes your compassion for overseas education. Apachia is a pioneer in overseas education institutes in Kuwait. Apachia becomes the best choice for pursuing your education abroad and strives to bring any overseas country within your reach. Their end-to-end overseas education services and the experience of more than two decades benefit with the best start. They represent over 700+ universities across 29 countries and provide complete assistance for Admissions, Tests, Financial Aid Assistance and visa processing. For international students in Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, etc educational facilities extend to the most sought-after academic destinations across the globe. From the plethora of institutions around the world, Apachia is the best to suit your academic needs.

JnS Education

JnS Education finds the right match for you and ensures smooth access to study abroad. It is a platform that provides end-to-end quality assurance as the expert consultants.

YES Germany

YES Germany is the final word to study in Germany. It is the preferred overseas education advisor and renowned German Education Consultancy. With the tie-up with more than 50+ prestigious German Universities, they are at every step to handle each and every student individually. Over the years, they have supported and guided career aspirants as global citizens. YES Germany has established itself as a leading expert and popular destination in German Education. With a highly skilled and qualified guide, we cater to assisting students in fulfilling their academic and career aspirations. The needs and requirements to facilitate studying abroad are satisfied with high-quality education. As a holistic team with expertise in overseas education, they make sure to cater to different needs of study with the best programs. For the aspirants, they are to set the benchmark for Overseas Educational assistance and fulfil the dreams of students who wish to pursue higher education. We have a track record of acceptance for all our students and provide the utmost comfort with the ideal resources. The counsellors there render the best academic programs and the best way to study in Germany.


Committed to the pursuit of transforming lives Tajdid connects you to the best opportunities. With access to a broad education across the globe, Tajdid is on a mission to enable students to study abroad with limitless career opportunities. They are a team of expert educationists to extend best-suited degrees and enjoy limitless career growth. End-to-end consultants like Tajdid Welcome to Tajd─źd empower the next generation and as career consultants, they are in the top position. 


The AHZ is a full-time education advisor that provides a portal where students can research and compare. AHZ consultants compete for and hire the most qualified candidates for career aspirations. At the same time, the decision to study abroad is monumental and advises prospective students in light of their career aspirations. They promote and partner tie-ups with many major universities to the anticipated career path. The prospective students can make all the difference and application recommendations at AHZ are matched with the best requirements with the unique offerings. 


With over 24 years of experience, they enable you to provide services to live your dreams. With the tie-up with many globally recognized universities Envision offers access to study in the world's leading universities. They provide expert guidance to achieve remarkable career goals & free international education counselling to help you succeed.


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